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Enabling the path to employment

1st June 2015

One of the most important roles of ubu enablers is to support the people we serve to find therapeutic employment opportunities where they can participate and contribute in their local communities. The experience that can be gained from volunteering is extremely valuable. It gives people who may otherwise find interacting difficult a chance to work with other people, learn valuable life skills and to contribute their unique talents.

One day whilst out and about in his local community, Kenny noticed that a new charity shop was opening very close to where he lives. He talked with ubu enablers working with him about applying for a volunteering role there. Kenny was a very good candidate as he has very useful previous experience from working in another charity shop. He completed an application form for the volunteer post, along with some excellent references.

The shop were so impressed with his application that they invited him to an interview which went very successfully. Kenny enjoys volunteering at the shop so much that he has now increased his hours to three days a week. He has been walking to work independently each day, popping home for his lunch before returning again. Kenny says “This position is probably the best one I’ve had, and I’m very happy to bring my experience to this post”. 

Enabling the people we work with to gain confidence and to recognise the value of their skills is an essential part of the support provided by ubu. Enablers work with the people we serve to seek meaningful opportunities, make applications and attend interviews.

Sam had been finding it hard to find useful and engaging ways to use her time since completing her college course. In the past Sam has found it quite difficult to find suitable work and this had been a blow to her self-esteem, she had become so disheartened that she was putting off applying for working opportunities.

Sam was feeling anxious about making applications based on her past experiences which hadn’t been very positive. Thankfully Sam had her enabling team friends like Kenny who could share their experiences with her. They were able to talk to her very positively and generously about the work they do. This was a real boost and helped to build Sam’s confidence. Working with encouragement from ubu enablers, she is now working two days a week in a local charity shop. Sam said: “I am much more confident now and I hope the experience I get from doing this allows me to go on and get a paid job one day”.

Since completing his college course Kevin has been looking for productive ways to spend his time and the knowledge he has gained. He became interested in looking for some voluntary work where he could use the skills and talent he has developed to make a difference in the community. Earlier this year Kevin applied for a volunteer job also in a charity shop. Although he hadn’t worked in a shop before he was successful and landed himself a regular post. He was over the moon and couldn’t wait to start. “I enjoy doing voluntary work. I work one day a week on a Saturday helping to organise all of the items in the shop - making sure it looks lovely for all the customers that come in”.

Tim said that he was very nervous about attending interviews. ubu enablers worked with him, helping Tim to prepare for his interviews using a variety of techniques until he felt confident and well prepared. The support Tim received from ubu enablers helped him do extremely well in an interview for a local volunteering post and he was offered a position working one day a week. Tim has since increased his hours because he enjoys the work so much. “I work helping to keep the shop organised. I like the fact I am working in a charity shop so everything sells and helps people when it does. I started working here to get some experience for the future as one day I would like to be a DJ”.

These stories help to illustrate how valuable therapeutic working can be on the path to greater independence. The people we serve have gained new skills, developed their confidence and the ability to share experiences with others. ubu works with people to develop their potential, supporting them through new challenges and helping them to realise their dreams.

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Enabling the path to employment Enabling the path to employment

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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