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Eat your greens to stay healthy

28th November 2014

EATING your greens does keep you healthy or can at least improve the symptoms of autism.

Research in the US has found that the chemical that gives broccoli its distinctive bitter taste made teenagers and young men with autism calmer and more sociable. This suggested that it may be possible to create a pill that gets to the root of autism for the first time.                   

The possible ‘aid’ to autism treatment is found in the chemical Sulforaphane, that is also found in sprouts and cabbage and been proven to repair damage caused by abnormalities in cells. 

This particular chemical is already being researched for improving cancer and Alzheimer’s treatments.       

The study on autism sufferers picked up improvements in social manners for example those who were given a capsule containing sulforaphane were able to look the researchers in the eye and shake their hand within just four weeks, something they had previously been unable to do.

Previous studies have already helped develop drugs that control symptoms such as aggression, hyperactivity or sleep problems, but these results could improve the underlying cause of autism and give people on the autism spectrum a better social life and help them integrate into society more effectively, a big plus for ubu.        

As a leading care provider ubu is delighted to hear of new research that can support the work we do to support the people we serve’s quest for independence.  

Many people within the ubu family have autism and evidence such as this reinforces our ethos that people must have access to every opportunity that enables them to live with greater independence at the heart of their local communities.

While uStep works to improve the lifestyles of people with autism and provide them with a platform for independence, additional support would be welcomed to run alongside our innovative model.


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Eat your greens to stay healthy

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