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Dorothy Lee-Jarvis Blog: ubu supports every member of the family

16th December 2014

DESPITE assurances from the Government that it is committed to closing long term mental institutions and caring for more people at the heart of their communities, more people are being admitted to long term hospitals than ever before.

Worse, fewer are being sent back home!

It’s appalling that in the 21st century we shut up vulnerable people; adults and children forcing separation and hardship on them and their families.  Worse, some are being isolated from their loved ones 100s of miles from home.  This has got to stop!

Hospitalisation should be a last resort for patients with mental health issues, particularly children and young people.  At a time when they are vulnerable, frightened and ill, being supported in their local communities surrounded by people and places that are familiar, is far more comforting than a remote hospital ward run by strangers.

Not only does it make the health issues potentially worse it also distances people from their loved ones making it more difficult for family and friends to visit. That has a negative impact on them.

To achieve better results more quickly for everyone and society, they should be cared for closer to home and supported to make decisions about their own treatment.  Supported in a familiar environment of their own, choosing people they know and love to enable clinicians to develop an individual care programme that delivers real results.

For ubu, this has been a key part of uStep; to deliver the best possible improvement to each of the people we serve.   Time and again working with them they have told us what they want to achieve and we have supported their journey.  They commonly tell us they want to live in their local communities close to family and friends.

Part of the support network has been families and friends with us ensuring we include them from day one, so the people we serve feel cared for, loved and safe whilst receiving a real benefit from uStep at the same time.

It is debilitating for people to have to travel 100s of miles to visit a sick relative and adds to their worry and mental anguish.

By including families so we are all there to support the people we serve in achieving their outcomes produces faith and confidence that enables them to strive for more.  As their condition improves and they become more active in society their wider network recognises the benefits and feels better, everyone benefits!

Significantly, so does society.  Caring for a vulnerable person in an environment they choose with people they want to be with is far more cost effective than locking someone away in a hospital or institution 100s of miles from home.  Quicker improvements mean that people reduce their reliance on costly institutions or hospitals.

This Government must act decisively to close such places down and move vulnerable people back into the community so they can be supported by loved ones and professionals.

See some of the outcomes we have achieved on our News page http://www.ubu.me.uk/latest-news/8th-day-of-ubu-christmas-festivities-1297/

Dorothy Lee-Jarvis Blog: ubu supports every member of the family

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