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Does Size Matter?

21st November 2013

When it comes to our achievements, as human beings we are generally quite modest or self-deprecating. After all for everything we may do, there are often others who have done it bigger, better, louder, faster, quicker, further etc. But this is something that needs to change.

Amongst ubu customers there are incredible outcomes and achievements being made every day. This is something we want to shout about. If somebody has lived in fear of public spaces and then, through hard work, support and determination gets on a bus and goes shopping in town for the first time, that is a massive deal!

Likewise if somebody plucks up the courage to jump out of a plane and perform a charity skydive this too is a huge accomplishment.

The point is that the perceived size of an outcome or achievement isn’t ever as important as the impact it has on the individual that it happens to. Something that one person may see as an everyday task can be life changing to another.

Read on to find out more.


For the majority of us, the action of opening a door is something we take very much for granted. You could probably say that on any given day you open and close dozens of doors. It is likely that you do this without even thinking about it. But opening a door is huge.

For one particular ubu customer in the North East who has particularly complex needs, opening the door was something very alien indeed. He didn’t want to open the door and found it difficult when there was someone on the other side; the idea of answering the door to somebody was something he didn’t want to face.

With lots of support though, things have changed recently. With a plan in place and the knowledge that re-assurance and safety is all around him, this gentleman has faced down this difficulty and overcome it. He is opening the door now and it is a major step for him on his journey towards greater independence.

So it is easy to see how something that is a small action for many of us, can be a greatly fulfilling and proud moment to another. This achievement is large enough that it needs shouting about. So often we are told the stories of overblown acts and world record breaking achievements. But there are just as grand things happening all around us all the time.

So we would like to celebrate all the achievements that are being made every day. If you have an achievement you are proud of send it to emmap@ubu.me.uk and let’s spread the word. Don’t ever think that what you have done isn’t worth telling to everybody else. Remember the gentleman from the north east, and in doing so remember that every journey starts with the opening of a door.

Does Size Matter?

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