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Community Spirit

23rd September 2013

We are all part of a community. No matter which part of the country we live in, or which town, even if we live out in the countryside we are part of the area that surrounds us. For many of us, finding our place in the community is the most important thing; being able to feel valued and having the opportunity to give something back to the place we call home.

In many cases it is simply acceptance that we are looking for; to know that when we walk down the street we can say “good morning” to people and the will reciprocate. This is what helps give us our sense of identity and fuels our pride in keeping the community safe and happy.

But there are always opportunities to do even more. There are clubs or groups we can join that will either actively care for the community, or make the community a more enjoyable place for all who reside.

Dive down to the next level to read about one ubu customer who has a deep love for her community.


There are many ways to get involved in helping your local area. For a lot of us this can start right on our doorstep; a large number of areas now operate a Neighbourhood Watch scheme, and this is a great starting point in ensuring your street/building is kept safe and in good repute. Why not ask a neighbour about it? Chat to those that live nearby to see if there is a scheme in place where you live. If there isn’t one, why not set one up yourself?

Maybe you are thinking on a slightly bigger scale. In which case you may want to enquire about your local volunteer council. These groups operate in most areas (particularly villages and smaller towns) and meet to discuss any local events or happenings that will affect the people that live nearby.

Or like Diane you may wish to participate in a group whose purpose is to make life more enjoyable for those around you. So it could be church bell ringing, amateur theatre, book clubs, discussion forums, musical groups…the list goes on.

So why not make some enquiries? Speak to your local council or information centre and find out what is available for you to take part in. It is a fantastic feeling to know that you have played a role in making your community the vibrant place it is. So if you are proud of where you live, and you care about the people around you, get involved!

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“I’ve lived in Knaresborough all my life and have a great love for the town. It is because of this that I have always strived to play a role in helping the local community. This has taken various forms over the years but most recently has seen me take on the role of bell ringer at St John’s Church.

I sometimes struggle to maintain focus and interest on a specific activity; this behavioural element of my disability has, in the past meant that I find myself unable to continue with things I am involved in. But not so with bell ringing.

I have been attending every Tuesday for around six months now and have found that I am deeply passionate about it. Not only does this provide me with something to look forward to each week, but also means I have been able to improve my focus in other areas of my life.

I have noticed I am a much more motivated person now and really enjoy taking pride to look my best when I attend the church. ubu support me to get ready by helping with my hair and makeup, and I always choose the outfit I will wear; making sure I look and feel fantastic.

I am also very proud to say that I was recently awarded a certificate for my efforts in helping to celebrate the queen’s 60th anniversary by being part of St John’s official bell ringing tribute. This is a great accolade for me and proof that my commitment has really paid off.

With my focus levels now at their highest I am looking into more avenues to channel my abilities. I will hopefully soon be starting swimming sessions and am also keen to find a therapeutic work role that will see me give even more back to the community I love so dearly”

Many thanks to Diane for the above story. So how can we get more involved and play an integral role in the places we love?

Community Spirit

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