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Changing Attitudes of Health and Social Care Workers

23rd January 2015

THE care of vulnerable adults has come under intense scrutiny recently. Failing hospitals and clogged institutions are just part of the story.

It means that focus has switched to carers and how they deliver the support to the people they serve revealing some glaring gaps in need and delivery.

The ‘Special Measures System’ is one solution currently being trialed. But is it missing the whole point.  The idea is that any hospital or institution that is classified as ‘failing’  will be partnered up with one that demonstrates exemplary proficiency in the hope that best practice will rub off.             

In theory it is a great idea, but rather than trying to replicate best practice the emphasis should be on changing attitudes in the first place so that all health and social care workers enter the profession determined to make a real improvement to consumers as their priority.              

ubu has always strived for quality care and support for the people we serve. We leave no stone unturned in continuously improving services and the quality of our workforce so that the vulnerable people we serve can receive the very best support as they gain greater independence and confidence.

But it can’t be done by just ourselves. People who are in the caring profession have to look at what their consumers are going to get out of the service they deliver.  Obviously it should be a better way of life, greater independence and more choice.  They have to change their attitude towards delivering those things, by putting the people they serve firmly in control as they facilitate it.

Unless the attitudes and ethics as a whole change within the health and social care sector, many vulnerable people will still find themselves unacceptably short of the quality care that they deserve and have a basic right to.

The investment must be in innovative recruitment, training and ongoing professional development.  Only then will there be a sea change that will have a positive Tsunami for the care of vulnerable people.


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Changing Attitudes of Health and Social Care Workers

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