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Challenge Yourself by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

21st April 2015

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

I’m sure you will agree what fantastic news it was to hear that ubu achieved the accreditation from Consumer First. This was summed up perfectly by the quote from the assessor:

‘ubu genuinely enable people to transform their lives and the impact they have can be measured in the unique outcomes their consumers achieve’.

This is high praise indeed and every member of ubu should be proud of the organisation we all work for. So much hard work has gone into achieving this praise, not just in the last few months or in the run up to the assessment, but I was being told that we put our consumers at the heart of everything we do when I first joined ubu almost six years ago!

At that time I remember being slightly sceptical, as I had heard bold claims like this from organisations I had worked for in the past but having seen and witnessed this evidence first hand my views have certainly changed at ubu.

I believe that ubu manages to achieve by constantly challenging itself. ubu has changed so much in the time I’ve been here because it never relaxes, it never settles for what it has or admires what we have done for the people we support. 

As an organisation ubu achieves, sustains and moves on to the next big challenge. Just consider the difference the new developments that ubu have opened make to the lives of the people we support. The standard and style of accommodation represents such a dramatic shift in the social care industry but ubu has achieved and is indeed still achieving it. Considering that all this has been achieved during the worst economic recession in decades makes this achievement even more admirable. 

The idea of constantly challenging yourself is a great attitude to have and one which I have adopted since I’ve worked here. I try and take this attitude into my life as a whole not just when I’m at work. Sometimes it is difficult to pluck up the courage to step outside of your comfort zone for the fear of failure and looking foolish if you make a mistake. The reality is you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve if you choose your attitude, (remember the fish philosophy!?) and show determination to achieve your goal. Anyway, who cares if you make a mistake – we all do from time to time!

Challenge Yourself by Dorothy Jarvis-Lee

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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