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Carry on Regardless

3rd September 2013

It is inevitable that each of us will face obstacles on the way to achieving our goals and dreams. If it were simple to get what we wanted then those things wouldn’t feel worth having anyway; part of the draw of a goal is the work we have to put in to get there.

But for some the barriers that get put in their way seem almost impossible to break down. It is easy for any of us to give up when the going gets tough, but often in life we see it is at times of difficulty that the human spirit truly lifts itself to grand levels of triumph.

It is crucial that we never lose heart when attempting a new challenge. We must find strength in any place possible; whether that be family, friends or an inspirational story that gives us hope to carry on, we owe it to ourselves to never give up in the pursuit of what we really want.

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Paul’s story is an incredible lesson in perseverance and belief in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. It reminds us that even though sometimes we face our own uphill struggles, we can always prevail and become what we want to be, if we are willing to try.

It is true that sometimes in life we need a bit of a push; something to remind us that even in the depths of our difficulties there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. It is at times like these that we must remind ourselves of stories like Paul’s.

There are hundreds of incredible outcomes taking place for the people ubu serves every day. This could mean learning a new skill, doing something for the first time, taking on a therapeutic working role etc. Each and every one of us set goals for ourselves and there is no better feeling than achieving something we really desire. The key is to endure any struggles or obstacles and be certain that we come out the other side, stronger and happier than ever.

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Paul Murray, an Aberdeen based pianist has had to overcome one of the biggest setbacks in the pursuit of his dream.

Having only begun playing piano at age 15, and with no formal training, Paul found that his passion for his instrument offered him many opportunities he had never dreamt of before. This culminated in him being offered a place at the University of Aberdeen to study music.

But less than a year into his course he began suffering severe headaches and had to be referred to a neurologist. Then came the worst possible news; he was suffering from a massive brain tumour and would need immediate surgery.

What followed was four intense operations, one being as long as 14 hours, to remove the tumour. The recovery time was estimated at two and a half years but Paul said he was “determined to get back to university”.

But the operations had, as it turned out, left Paul unable to use his right arm, following which he was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This for many people would spell the end of the road for a musical journey, but not so for Paul. With grit and passion he finished his rehabilitation period and began relearning music as a left hand only piano player.

His sheer love of music had got him past the potentially soul destroying affliction and he simply refused to give up.

He has since gone on to re-write many classical piano pieces so that they can be played using only one hand, and has been described as “truly inspirational” by Dr David Smith, head of music at Aberdeen University.

Carry on Regardless

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