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Brilliant multi-sensory space

21st September 2015

ubu enablers in Blackpool have been working alongside some of the people we serve to find innovative ways to help them to manage and minimise stress and anxiety from their lives. After researching a variety of ways to support the people we serve to manage these feelings, ubu enablers began to look for multi-sensory spaces. They recognised that these kind of facilities had the potential to give the people we work with a welcome change and an opportunity to ‘chill-out’ from the busy streets and shops in the community.

Roger from Blackpool lives with greater independence supported by ubu. The idea of looking for a space that he where he could relax, feel un-hurried and comfortable and where he could have some rest from his anxieties was an attractive one to Roger.

However finding a multi-sensory chill-out space didn’t seem very likely in a seaside town best known for its bright lights and noisy attractions. But recently, a new enterprise aimed at providing a relaxing and safe multi-sensory environment for children and adults alike has opened in central Blackpool.

The place they found combines several multi-sensory rooms and spaces providing a safe and comfortable environment for people to explore, enjoy and relax in. They are calm, yet gently stimulating environments with colourful padded floors and brightly decorated walls. The soft furnishings, floor pillows, interactive sound and light equipment ensure that the multi-sensory experience gives users the chance to have some control of their encounters. They can direct and manage the level of stimulation they want and build, with support from staff and enablers, confidence and new communication skills.

After a series of regular visits, Roger has begun to build a comfortable and relaxing routine and is becoming more confident. He’s found that his anxiety about meeting new challenges has been lessening and he says that he feels more lively and enthusiastic. Roger clearly looks forward to and enjoys his visits to the multi-sensory space. The new environment provides gentle stimulation combined with the opportunity to be refreshed by the energising atmosphere.

Roger and his enabling support team have shared his good experience and now several other people enabled by ubu have been trying out similar multi-sensory rooms and enjoying the benefits they offer too. The ubu team are working alongside Roger and other people we serve to find innovative ways to incorporate some of the relaxing elements found in the commercial multi-sensory rooms into their own homes to enjoy and benefit from.

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Brilliant multi-sensory space Brilliant multi-sensory space Brilliant multi-sensory space Brilliant multi-sensory space

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