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Assistive Technology enables independence

30th April 2013

Vega Bracelets are a very new piece of technology that combines GPS and Cellular technology to allow increased levels of flexibility and freedom to live independently.

With it being so unobtrusive it really does live side by side with you enabling you to live as you want. Reducing anxiety and leading to greater independence, living the life you want to lead.


The GPS tracking device that is a wearable tamper proof, water proof and lockable security band tracking device with RFID/GPS/SMS/GSM technology, 2-Way voice and 24-7 Remote Security.

The Vega has been intensively developed for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other cognitive conditions, to deliver an innovative service providing the best possible level of protection to wearers, and reassurance to family and caregivers. People with these conditions can experience distressing episodes of confusion, and may wander from their home. Vega is designed to provide specific information about the user’s whereabouts, should they move outside a pre-determined safety zone. In such situations, GPS and GSM technologies will locate them, and send an alert to a Response Center which can then take appropriate action to prevent the user from coming to harm. An individual in distress outside the home can also press the emergency button to call for help. This will put them in contact with the Response Center as the Vega has two-way speech capabilities, allowing them to speak with someone until help arrives.


  • Vega increases safety by helping the wearer return to safety quicker when an incident or unsafe walking occurs.
  • Increases independence since it helps avoid the need for moving a loved one into residential care, and it extends the time they can live in their home environment.
  • Enhances dignity and reduces family and caregiver stress by reducing the need for constant observation.
  • Enables caregivers to relax with the knowledge that the loved one can be safety located should they walk away from familiar surroundings.


The Vega devices have the following features:

• Advanced technology includes assisted A-GPS and GSM positioning
• Optional SOS/emergency button function 24/7 Monitoring Center
• Hands-free two-way voice communication
• Water proof for continuous wearing
• Secured bracelet to reduce the chances of the device being removed
• Long-lasting rechargeable battery
• Unique cordless battery charging whilst being worn
• Color display indicating GPS and GSM signal, battery status and time
• RF-Base Station indoor tracking


To see a demonstration on how this wonderful device works why not check out the clip below:



Now you’ve seen what it can do and how it can help, why not contact your GP or Care Manager today and discuss how this could help you.


Vega Bracelets are worn around the wrist like a watch and uses mapping/tracking software to know and record where the user is at all times. The device is programmed with a set "perimeter zone" which is specified by the user. So if a 3 mile radius is set and the wearer walks further than 3 miles, an alert is triggered which is sent to a response centre who can ensure the user is safe. Alternatively the user can press the alert button themselves at any time to call for assistance should they need it.

The device has two-way communication built in so that the response centre, a family member or Enabler can speak directly to the user to find out where they are and ensure they are ok until help gets there. 

The design of the bracelet is very modern and has a very innovative look without sacrificing practical functions. It is tamper proof, water proof and has lockable security functions which add to the level of safety it provides.

The Vega Bracelet is already being used by one of the people ubu support; Bernadette. She said that prior to owning the device she was "anxious" about going out because she "sometimes got lost". But now with the knowledge she can simply and safely contact ubu if she needs to, she is much happier and says she "can do things now without having to worry". 

This truly is an excellent piece of assistive technology and means greater independence and confidence for those who have need of its functionality. As Bernadette says "it has made a huge, positive impact on my lifestyle". 

Assistive Technology enables independence

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