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Anything you believe, you can achieve

11th June 2013

At ubu we see incredible outcomes every day. This can mean many things. It could be someone going shopping for the first time, using public transport without support or it could even be something as incredible as jumping out of a plane to raise money for charity.

One thing is consistent across all these outcomes and that is that they are always the product of hard work and self-belief. It takes courage to do something new for the first time, and it takes focus to learn a new skill. But once you start you will find it difficult to stop. One great achievement will invariably lead to another….and another until you find yourself doing things you may never have thought possible.

We know that the people we serve are all passionate about their journey to greater independence; they truly represent the saying “anything you believe, you can achieve”.

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Building confidence and motivation are two very powerful tools when it comes to increasing someone’s independence. They need to be motivated to want to start something new; otherwise it is likely to be unsuccessful and subsequently de-motivating for any future prospects.

They must also have the confidence and belief that they can do what they are setting out to do. This shouldn’t be confused with nerves, these are natural when taking on a fresh challenge, but instead it should be recognised if a person needs encouragement and re-assurance to be able to perform the task at hand.

The story of the Middlesbrough young lady is a very powerful example of what can be achieved when a person is focused and passionate about their goals. As with many things in life, positive thinking and actions lead to more positivity, creating a kind of snowball effect. So if somebody achieves a step toward their goal (perhaps learning a new skill as part of applying for a therapeutic work role) they should be supported and encouraged to keep going; for anyone to have their accomplishments acknowledged is a powerful motivator.

Recently the ubu Customer Service Managers all experienced the power of positivity when asked to perform three very challenging tasks. Firstly they had to break an arrow by walking into it with their throat. Next they had to walk across a pile of broken glass, and then to top it all off they had to walk over a bed of hot coals!* It was explained to each person that though these tasks seemed impossible, if they focused their positive energy they would be able to achieve all 3. Did they do it? Of course they did. This proved to each of them that if you really believe in yourself there is no limit to what you can do.

Have you got any stories about achievements of which you are particularly proud? We would love to hear from you. Or perhaps you have supported someone on their journey to greater independence; we’d love to hear about that too. Please email us any stories you have to jamesp@ubu.me.uk or follow us on Twitter @ubusupport and send us your comments and get involved in the conversation.

*Please do not try any of these activities at home. They were facilitated by trained experts to ensure safety at all times.


A noticeable trait in the people ubu serve is that they refuse to let any disability they may have, get in the way of them living a full and active life whilst also pursuing their dreams and ambitions. One such lady from Teesside has proven this statement by becoming co-chair of Middlesbrough 1st; a charity that is close to her heart and which promotes advocacy and self-advocacy for adults with learning disabilities, and their carers.

Stepping forward and making her voice heard was no simple task. She had to believe in herself and use her knowledge about the charity to prove that she was the right person for the job. Most of us struggle with standing up in front of people to do a presentation, so it is to this young lady’s credit that she made her case confidently and professionally to warrant such an important position.

If this wasn’t enough she has continued to push forward for what she believes in and has since become co-chair of the ‘Middlesbrough Partnership Board’, where she arranges training packages for Doctors and Nurses that enable them to care for people with learning disabilities whilst in hospital.

Through this the young lady has found that she can voice the concerns of people with learning disabilities; acting as an ambassador to influence and provide feedback on the training.

Aside from these two stunning achievements she also finds time to volunteer as a receptionist and administrator for the ‘West Middlesbrough Trust’ and is involved with a drama partnership group, ‘IMPACT’, who perform around the UK delivering positive messages about living with learning disabilities.

Those who know her say “taking on so many positions has increased her self-confidence and have given her a greater sense of purpose”. With so many roles and responsibilities for a single person it is not hard to understand why Middlesbrough ubu staff have described her as “a real inspiration to us all”.

Anything you believe, you can achieve

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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