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A love of things that grow

16th September 2013

There is no greater responsibility in life than taking charge of the welfare of someone or something. For many of us this responsibility begins at an early age when we own our first pet. Once we accept our duty of care towards something we understand that we must be nurturing, sensitive and aware of what needs to be done at all times to ensure safety and the potential for growth and development.

It is in seeing something grow that we feel pride, happiness and fulfilment; whether that be plants and flowers, animals, friendships or our children, we are able to find a great sense of drive and purpose when it comes providing support for someone or something other than ourselves.


There are also some individuals, who have increased their skillset by gaining qualifications in gardening, such as Tony:

“I enrolled on a horticulture course with in Stuarts Park, following many years of interest in the subject of gardening.

The course is hard work but I enjoy it and have met lots of new people. I am learning about plants, how to grow them from seed or cuttings and how to nurture them, a lot of which we sell to the public to support the training courses.

 I have done so well that the course tutor has moved me up from award level to the certificate level and when I complete the course in September I will receive a recognised qualification in horticulture; something that will stand me in good stead to get further voluntary work in in the future.

I am very proud of my achievements. Participating in the course has helped me to develop my confidence as well as my skills. I love the responsibility that comes with caring for plants and flowers, and I love that I am getting better at it each day.”

So as you can see, gardening acts as a great symbol for the care and responsibility we should each show to one another every day. It quickly becomes apparent that people, like plants can only grow and blossom if they are treated properly. If you were to neglect a flower, it would wilt; so too does a person become detached from society if their needs are not met, and they are treated unequally or unfairly.

We must each think of our duty of care at all times, to ensure that all those around us are afforded the opportunity to grow and develop into the brightest flower possible.


To represent their commitment to the constant pursuit of growth and development for all, ubu have recently installed a community garden at their Harrogate Hub. This will provide enjoyment and engagement not just for ubu’s staff and customers, but also the wider community who are able to interact with the garden.

But gardening is not an activity limited to the Hub. There are many ubu customers who find great pleasure in the cultivating and care of plant life. There is a group of individuals from Scarborough who took their passion for gardening to an even higher level:

“During the year Graham, Penny and Adrian have been growing their own vegetables in raised plots which they had built this year.

They were supported to plant their own seeds and each care for separate a group of plants in their own patch of the raised beds.

The group were so pleased with their crop that they decided to enter the York Housing Association’s ‘In Bloom’ competition. They were judged in the ‘edible’ section - a category which included fruit and veg such as Strawberries, Runner Beans, Beetroot, Radish, Peas and Carrots - by a team of judges who all work for the York Housing Association.

The judges were so impressed with the work that they awarded the the ubu team 1st place!”

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A love of things that grow

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