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A breath of fresh air in our new homes

20th June 2014

We all love to cook and a healthy diet is really important to keeping fit and well. But sometimes our favourite foods can leave a strong smell we don’t want to live with.  Particularly for those of us who like spicy food. 

Most of us solve this problem by opening doors or windows to air the home, but that can make it cold and cost us money when we turn up the heating.

But, we think we have found a solution with a heating and ventilation system that we are putting into our new developments, opening from this summer.

Quite simply this new method of heating will take away any strong, stale smells and put warm air back into the homes.

Called Heat Recovery and Ventilation it works by drawing used air, that we all breathe, out of our homes to a heat exchange. Once there it warms the air up and then sends it to the atmosphere outside. At the same time the heat exchange draws in fresh air from outside and warms it up to keep you warm.

If it is summer, and your home is warm enough anyway the heat exchange will make sure that you don’t get too hot by cooling the air down before it sends it through your home.

There are two great things about this new system.  It makes sure the air in your home is fresh all the time and that you are still warm, or cool enough.  It also saves you money because it keeps the temperature right so you don't spend too much on heating.


Swim to find out about some other things which help make you feel healthier and lead to happiness.

Food.  We all know that a healthy diet is important.  But did you know that the colour of your favourite foods can make a difference.  Orange foods are great for a healthy heart so eat plenty of oranges, carrots, pumpkins, peaches and apricots.

Exercise. It doesn’t have to be over strenuous. What’s important is that you get out and about every day to get plenty of fresh air and to keep your joints mobile.  Walk upstairs instead of taking the lift. Walk to meet your friends. 

Healthy mind. keep your mind active and fit by reading. Try to do the crossword everyday or a puzzle in the newspaper. It will challenge your grey matter.

Community. We all feel better for living with or close to people we love and who love us.  Keep in touch with your friends and family.  If you can’t meet them chat on the phone or Skype if you can.  It’s bound to put a smile on your face.

Respect and Dignity. Treat people as you want to be treated and they will treat you well.  That's our ethos at UBU to treat someone as they could be, so that they can become who they should be.  Everyone feels good by being treated with respect. 


Dive deeper to find out the other benefits of a well ventilated home.

The quality of the air we breathe can have a massive impact on how we feel about every part of our lives.

Fresh air is vital - it makes us feel good about ourselves and make sure that we all lead healthy, happy lives and do the things we really want to do.  Stale air can make us feel tired and depressed. That means we are likely to be less active and it can cause us to stay in and not go out which is not god for us.

In the worst case it can even cause illness.

Heat Recovery and Ventilation will bring clean fresh air into your home and draw out the old stale smelly air caused by daily life and it can reduce the risk of you becoming ill.   People with hay fever and asthma are more likely to suffer from poor ventilation.

Hay fever can make people feel really fed up even when the sun is shining.  The good thing about Heat Recovery and ventilation is that ti filters the pollen out and sends really fresh air into the home reducing the risk of an outbreak.  That means you can go out and enjoy the sun more.  You will feel better for that and feel more like doing the things you want with your family and friends.

If you have asthma, Heat Recovery will also help that.  It reduces the humidity in the air so that the dust mites which create the airborne spore that cause asthma, are less active.  

By improving the quality of the air you breathe you are more likely to feel motivated to do the things you want to do and, importantly  the things which will help improve your quality of life such as taking exercise, meeting your friends, having people round.  They all help you stay fit and well too!

A breath of fresh air in our new homes

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