My name is Sarah and I moved into independent supported living in October of last year. Because of ubu’s Getting To Know Me process, involving my family and care managers, the goals I set for myself and the level of support I wanted were clear from the start. Over a transitional period, I met all the staff and residents at my own pace, and was able to take part in activities both at home and in the community. The day of the actual move to the support went so smoothly then, that I quickly settled in and am already working towards reaching my goals.

Working with my ubu team has taught me that participating in community life and making positive contributions actually enables me to build skills and fulfil my dreams quicker. I already have a job at a local work placement, where I help make farm fences and sheds which are then sold on and even erected by ourselves.  I also make craft articles for a local shop in the market place, but …… heart and passion has always been around working with animals. I raised this at my review and ubu have supported me to become a volunteer at an animal rescue centre.  

At the moment, I am looking after the rabbits and cuddling the cats on Saturday mornings, which is a dream job. Soon I hope to start walking the older dogs that tend to be long term residents at centre. I need to build on my confidence so that I can work with the horses. I also want to increase my volunteer time, contributing 1 or 2 more days a week. As I am growing more and more independent and feel more confident with each working day, I know it won’t be long.  Helping me along is the feedback I get from my employers and friends. I have had comments that my passion towards my role and commitment is second to none. 

These experiences show me that, with a little support and lots of heart, I turn my dreams into realities.