Michael has lived in Lincoln for a number of years with support from ubu. When he first moved into his own place he was understandably nervous, but soon found that with support he was able to settle into his new surroundings and new lifestyle.

After a few months, and following a series of personalised review meetings, it was established that Michael had a deep love for music and playing the guitar. Knowing that he wanted to actively pursue this further Michael began to research local tutors with a view to booking some 1 to 1 lessons.

Michael soon found the ideal candidate; an experienced guitarist called Carl, who offers guitar lessons from his house which is only a few miles from where Michael lives and is easily commutable using public transport.

So it was all set and the first lesson was booked. The fantastic news is that it went brilliantly! Michael is now hooked for life. His love for his guitar has grown more than anyone could imagine and his confidence levels have risen dramatically. In fact he can now often be heard singing and jamming around the house.

The lessons are still continuing and are a regular feature in Michael’s busy lifestyle. The benefits have been huge, not only from a musical standpoint, but also because Michael’s skills in commuting and using public transport have grown substantially. That’s a result worth singing about!