Hi my name is Lynne and I have been supported by ubu since April 2013.

I went to live in a registered support after living at home with my mum for 56 years. I knew that this support would be temporary and that all of the customers who live there would be moving on to the ustep flats model, where I would have my own home. During my time living in the group support, my staff team enabled me to build on my daily living skills and prepare for living independently. My mum had done most things for me in the past and I didn't think I was able to achieve these skills. With consistent support and encouragement from ubu, I have now successfully moved into my own apartment. I love my new apartment.

I can now make myself breakfast, light snacks and drinks and do my own washing up. I have had lots of visitors and I have made new friends with those who have also moved into neighbouring apartments. I am starting a craft making course on Tuesday, where I can also meet new friends that I can invite round to my apartment for a drink and chat. I feel far more confident and happy and never ever believed that I would have my own place — and that it would be so nice! Mum would be proud. I am so happy that I made the decision to stay with ubu.