My name is Linda and I am 42 years old.  

Once I only ever lived with Mum and Dad, and I would never go out alone. I was very scared and apprehensive, and relied upon my parents for support. But then I went to hospital for the 18 months to help my mental health. When I found out I was ready to leave hospital, I instantly wanted to return home to my mum and dad. However, my social worker discussed with me the opportunity to change to a supported living home with ubu, as it would enable me to gain independence and increase my confidence – things I truly wanted to achieve.

I went to visit the house and meet my housemates Deidre and Amy.  I really liked the room that would be my bedroom, and the house looked warm and cosy. I agreed that I would like to live there, and moved in March of this year. With help from my support team and my enablers, I have made the transition exceptionally well.

I now go out independently accessing all of the local community. I have gained employment and attend a college course one day a week. My confidence has come on in leaps and bounds. I have a great relationship with my housemates and we go out for meals independently in the community. We have a structured picture- timetable which helps us easily understand and organise the plans for the day. I am so happy that I moved, and this was all made possible by ubu.