Hi. My name is Kevin. One day when I was out in town, I noticed that a new shop was opening very close to where I live. I talked to my ubu enablers about how much I would like to find something to do during the day so I’m not bored and so that I can do something for people around me.  They helped me to complete an application form applying for a therapeutic role at the new shop.

I had worked before in a shop, working really hard, really enjoying my time there and so it was easy to get a good reference from them and successfully complete the application process, although it was somewhat nerve racking but my enabling team guided me all the way through.

The shop manager said she was very impressed by my application form and invited me to have an interview with her which went very well.  I like my job at the shop so much that I was asked to do more hours and help there three days a week. I enjoy walking to work each day, popping home for my lunch before returning again. This position is probably the best one I’ve had, and I’m very happy to bring my experience to this post.

I’ve learnt a whole new set of skills especially how to keep things organised and efficient. They will help me when I’m at home to keep safe and healthy, as well as in the future for my next job, I’m on my own career pathway now! Every day I’m out at work I feel that I doing something good and useful. It’s made me feel that I have a place to be and where I can meet new friends.