Hello, I’m Emma and I’ve recently seen many changes in my life that have had a huge positive impact. The first of these was that in February I moved into a new house, sharing with 4 other ladies who are all brilliant!

We are all firm friends and love doing different things together. There is even another lady called Emma in the house, so as you can imagine there is sometimes a bit of confusion!

Having had a goal for some time to be healthier and more active, I decided that now was the right time to get going! After all I had a new house, so why not a new me?! So with support from ubu I joined a slimming club and a local gym to make the most of my free time.

I have been really active ever since! I have concentrated hard on making healthy food choices to go along with my fitness regime and it has definitely paid off. The result? I have lost nearly 3 stone! My mum is so proud, as am I.

I am constantly supported and encouraged to stay on track so that I can achieve further fitness goals this year. I know I can do it!