Hi everyone, Charlotte here. If you know me you’ll know that I love being active and getting involved in activities that mean I can be out and about.

At a recent review meeting I discussed this point with ubu and asked if we could look at my options for doing more in my community. We agreed that the best idea would be to see if there were any local volunteer opportunities.

I was supported to make an appointment with the Volunteer Bureau where I talked about my interests so that they could hopefully offer me some options of work available that would suit me best.

It wasn’t long before I was offered a role delivering leaflets about neighbourhood watch meetings and emergency services on behalf of the local police force. This is something I really enjoyed as it means I am active and helping my local community! I would advise anyone interested in voluntary work to get in touch with your local Volunteer Bureau as they have lots of options available and are really friendly and helpful.

My next plan is to see if I can find a role that will allow me to work with horses. I’m sure I will achieve this goal soon and will keep you posted with my progress!