Hi, my name is Andrew.

I used to live with my parents, along with my brother and my sister.  My mum and dad died, suddenly in a short space of time.  When they passed, I went to live at my first support.  From there I moved to another with three other residents. With the support of ubu staff, I learnt new skills, got a job and got involved in the community I lived in.  

As time went on and I became more confident, I discussed with my enablers my dreams about wanting to move into a flat of my own. The dream didn’t take long to materialise, as I moved in January.

I loved my new space, as it was all mine; however, like all new flats, I did think it was very bare and all the walls were painted too white. So I decided to get busy! My support staff went with me while I chose all my own wallpaper and paint to make my apartment more homely. They helped me choose new bedding, pictures and lamps in my favourite colour green. It’s a beautiful change, and I feel so much happier in my home now that I had put my own stamp on it. My sister thinks it is wonderful that I have my own place at last, where I can open my own front door and have staff to support me to learn new skills and to find new activities. The next step for me is to find a new job.

Not wanting to stay still for long, I have been learning about healthy eating and how to cook my own meals. My ubu support staff has just helped me find a cookery course for beginners. It’s not segregated, but for anybody that wants to learn to cook. I am really excited as the first thing I did was to bake some delicious bread. Cooking and baking are things I have always wanted to do and I really enjoy it. And I think I am good at it too. MOVE OVER, GORDON RAMSAY!