“Treat a person as they are and they will remain the same. Treat somebody as they could be and they become that person”

When we met Lucy, aged 43, she had always lived in care homes and never went out.  Now she has her own flat and shops and cooks for herself.  When 33-year-old James came to see us, he had never been offered a job.  Now he loves his voluntary work, and hopes to find a job in a restaurant as cooking is his passion!

Imagine the thrill if you’d been the person who had helped Lucy or James?  Well, you don’t have to imagine.  Join ubu, and you can experience it for yourself.

We provide specialist social care and support to help people make the best of themselves and the most of their lives.  For some, this isn’t easy to do on their own.  They may have a learning or physical disability or social and behavioural difficulties.  This can make it hard for them to find their place in to the world.

This is where we step in.  ubu believes that everyone, whatever their ability and background, should have the chance to achieve what they want.  And the best way to help people achieve their dreams, is to help them find greater independence.  Put simply, we help people live as independently as possible.

We take a bolder approach than most social care providers.  ubu puts the person we are helping at the centre of everything we do.  We listen, then we act.  We make things happen!

Could you help some of the people we serve achieve their dreams?

We need enabling care and support workers, inspiring team leaders and professional specialist assessors.  The work we do can be challenging, demanding and testing - yet it’s always immensely rewarding.

What do we look for?  

What do we offer?