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Why doesn't any Government really Care?

8th November 2015 |

My last blog I shared with you, before my experience this weekend, which clearly shows how Governments short termism merely shifts the financial issues from one area to another. Each tie. Putting very vulnerable people's lives at risk.

A young man who has had for several years quite compressing mental health problems all of which have been well managed with the aid of medication and clinical community support.

Recently he had an appointment with his psychiatrist who without care and consideration to him as a human being overnight changed his medication. The young man had no one to oversee his change of medication, to ensure it was not putting him in harm’s way. There was no community nurse monitoring him, as that would have been too expensive for them, even though he had always successfully lived in the community with short breaks in the mental health ward in the local general hospital.

This change of medication unfortunately for everyone didn't agree with him, ending him to a very dark place. He immediately did as had been instructed and called the crisis intervention team. At this point we need to remember whilst they are an excellent resource they are also suffering from cut budgets and resources. Consequently, drastically over stretched. Their advice to the young man was "if you feel like that, phone the police"!!!

The young man didn't phone the police as he felt he would get into trouble...

His mental issues grew and grew to the point where he began not only to blame someone for the death of his parent, but he wanted revenge. Still no help was given to him... He had nowhere else to turn to get rid of the monster growing within him, but to seek out that person and physically harm them trusting the monster would disappear.

But it didn't as we all know. He was arrested and is now locked in jail which he perceived to be a 24 hour lock in. He reports that he has only 1 hour a day to shower, make phone calls etc. He reports his cell is bare and all he has with him is a month’s supply of his medication. As he has nothing else to think about, he does wonder what he should do with it as he sits locked up in prison waiting now for over a week for a mental health assessment.

There are very good assessment centres so why isn't he in there, as he is entitled to be! Maybe because they are full! It is very clear that the issues surrounding the closure of the long stay hospitals are not over yet.

We are all aware of the new locked hospitals being built and can only surmise that this government will not be around when: those hospitals and assessment centres will be full with people still living there for over twelve months and people find they can't move out; community health teams with continue to be under resourced a with an ever increasing mental health population; kicking the problems on to the over crowed prison. In no time we have found our society going a full 360 degrees.

As we go towards a new year, we are nearly there locking vulnerable people up ether on the new locked hospitals which look modern, so they must be ok or in prison for the crime they have committed as there was no community service available, to help them prevent their unreasoned behaviour.

Why doesn't any Government really Care?

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