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Time 2 Talk

2nd February 2015 |

FIVE minutes isn’t a long time, but you can achieve and accomplish an awful lot in such a short space of time!  Ask yourself how long do you spend washing your hair, brushing your teeth, filling the washer, having a shower or simply making a brew?    

Imagine if you thought you could change someone’s life for the better, in just 5 minutes, by making a point of talking to someone, who needed just five minutes of your time, for one day.

Thursday February 5 is Time2 Talk day, part of the TimetoChange campaign that we at ubu support.

The aim is to make people think differently about mental health and people who are suffering at the moment.  I say that because at some stage everyone is going to have a mental health issue big or small. 

TimetoChange this year is encouraging everyone to spend five minutes on February 5 talking to someone who needs support. 

Some time back, a friend of mine was talking about how she had felt really blue one day.  Everything had gone wrong; the heating had broken, she had fallen out with her son as he went off to school, the car broke down and there was no fresh milk for a simple cup of coffee.

Realising a cup of coffee was easy to solve she headed off to the shop to get some milk and on her way met a neighbour, and stopped to ask how she was, just being her usual chatty self.

The story that came back was terrible.  The neighbour’s husband had been forced to have surgery for a knee ailment that meant he couldn’t work, they then discovered his previous employer hadn’t made regular National Insurance payments and so he was entitled to nothing, so they were relying on her salary and because they had two young children, she had to pay crippling childcare costs.  It was close to Christmas and the children were set to be disappointed by Santa Claus.

To say, my friend felt humbled, is an understatement … but it also made her think!  Meeting her neighbour was accidental, so she invited her back for a coffee and heard the full story.  As her neighbour left she just said: “Thank you so much for that.  The coffee was great but it has made me feel a whole lot better just talking to you about it.”

That experience made my friend feel a whole lot better, she had helped someone else albeit by putting the kettle on; and it made her realise that her troubles were nothing in comparison.  It was a random act that she went for some milk, a happy coincidence that she bumped into her neighbour.   

Five minutes out of your day is nothing.  It is the time it takes to buy some milk, make a brew or perhaps listen to someone … as my friend discovered it can make a lot of difference to them.

On Thursday, if you do nothing else, just take five minutes to ask someone you hardly know how they are?  They may say they are fine and tell you about all the good things in their life.  But there is a chance that by paying them some attention, they will realise that someone does care and that life, can get better … it takes just five minutes!




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Time 2 Talk

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