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Thunderbolts and lightening, very, very frightening

13th July 2012 |

Over recent weeks, storms clouds have gathered overhead and torrential rain storms have battered the UK having a devastating impact on many areas, non-worse than in the North East. Thankfully, most of us have had little to worry about other than yet another washed out British Summer. But Nicola and Nancy, two of ubu’s supported tenants got to experience first-hand the devastating power of Mother Nature.

Most of us think ‘it will never happen to us’… so imagine having settled down to an evening in front of the TV in your beloved home; the place where you feel the most secure and safe, when suddenly, a river of dirty water begins to gush through your living room!

What do you do? Who do you call?

This would be a highly stressful situation for anyone but Nicola and Nancy’s support staff knew just what to do and immediately jumped into action. It’s a good job we’re used to dealing with inclement weather up North! As the rain battered down and the flood waters continued to rise, ubu’s dedicated staff were on-hand to roll-up their sleeves and provide Nicola and Nancy with the practical assistance they needed. At first it was hoped that sand-bags and brooms would be enough to divert a major disaster but even these herculean efforts weren’t enough and the house flooded so fast!

But, when things get tough, the wealth of knowledge and the tried and tested procedures ubu staff have at their finger-tips really comes into play. Displaying a ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude, the ubu team were able to get Nicola and Nancy relocated to new accommodation within the space of just a few short hours.

Whilst ubu’s contingency planning kicked into action, Nicola and Nancy were safe and warm for the evening, reassured that they not only had a place to sleep, but also access to all the support they would need in order to deal with the aftermath of the dirty water and damaged belongings.

Thunderbolts and lightening, very, very frightening

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