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Thoughts on 2014!

23rd December 2014 |

It has been eventful year within Quality and Compliance. This means that we ensure that Enablers are trained to meet and exceed the highest standards of care and support. It also means that with this assurance we are delivering the very best, customer-centric service available to the people we serve.

This year we’ve learned a lot of useful lessons and found impressive practical solutions. Each of these lessons and solutions to problems has been good in helping us to move forward, whether that be through a positive outcome or through learning and acting on our new understandings from a mistake.

We've had five new u-Step supports open around the country since January 2014. New staff have been coming on-board to enable the people we serve and that has inevitably been an exciting challenge. Recruitment is an area in which we've achieved great success and gained some extraordinary insights.  We know now where it’s more difficult to recruit staff from, and we've worked hard on clarifying our Terms and Conditions of Employment so that all of our staff are not only clear about these are but can also understand why they are in place.

On-boarding is now integrated into our new intranet system, u-Link2. Our upgraded recruitment processes are now fully linked, making it a smoother journey for potential team members into employment with ubu. We've moved to a new Disclosure and Baring Service (DBS) system and our on-line supplier will be providing a much more efficient service with even better turnaround time.

We’ve also looked at all of our internal processes and used appropriately-sourced technology to see where we can improve the service we offer and to work in a smarter and more efficient way.

Quality and Compliance has worked together with the relevant local authorities to undertake (statutory) compliance visits alongside those made by OFSTED and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). It is of course, always helpful to have these valuable external perspectives. This is because they help to bring us back to how we manage and ensure that the quality of our enabling staff and compliance reaches the highest standards available, providing the very finest service to the people we serve.

This year ubu was awarded full accredited compliance by Customer First UK for its excellent service to customers. The organization also achieved the Investors In People Gold Award this year. We should be particularly proud of the fact that this was awarded upon first review, without recommendations for further work. This success was the result of everyone across the organization working together, as One Team, with full engagement in the interviews and accreditation process.

Thoughts on 2014!

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