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The Power of Being Heard

16th May 2013 |

The phrase "Isn't it terrible ..." invariably crops up everywhere. There is so much news that is either unravelling the deceptions and abuse of the past, or squeezing the present and future lifelines from so many that genuinely need it, all because people didn’t hear and didn't believe. We say it’s important to listen, but without being heard such listening falls on deaf ears.

When people are heard it is surprising how their issues affect and impact on so many others right across society. Consequently when it hurts us as a national community we become outraged and speak out together with a common voice, which is invariably heard. These issues include discrimination, being treated as an inferior, not being understood, living in a world where you are treated as an alien, lack of specialist services, education, housing or resources in general to name just a few.

As the framework of our "normal" society becomes more and more tested we appear to be discovering such issues affect us all. No longer is anyone exempt through position, power, politics, nor popularity. The playing field has become so much more exposed, revealing the persecution so many have endured as a consequence of their race, beliefs, appearance, limitations and behaviour. 

Whilst it may shock us and be unpleasant, it is a stern reminder of how so many have lived in such isolation, fear and persecution for so long, not least through disability. For example, the recent realisation that the enormous number of abuse allegations against an iconic late celebrity were actually true, unleashed several decades of hidden suffering, as well as decades of shocking deceit from so many other people in positions of power and influence.

This is a revelation that overnight created a revolution against abuse, and freed so many who have suffered silently for so long. The reaction has been dramatic and wide reaching demonstrating how the power of being heard can create a united voice that actually changes the delusions of the ignorant and arrogant so quickly.

The Power of Being Heard

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