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The little dog and the key

20th May 2015 |

Now I know a dog is just a dog but sometimes they do make one wonder!

Last week my little dog Chutzpah had to visit the vets which resulted in him having a number of procedures. When I saw him in the afternoon he was clearly unhappy and feeling somewhat uncomfortable. However the sun was shining, and I needed to cut the over-grown grass before the evening got under way.

Out I went, swiftly pushing the mower over the spring grass. Proud of my achievement I still had plenty of time to comfort poor Chutzpah before preparing the evening meal.

I walked towards the patio door there was Chutzpah disapprovingly looking at me through the glass. As I turned the handle I discovered that the little tinker had nudged the security lever down and locked me out … yes these security levers really work! Whatever I tried I couldn't break the lock!

As I struggled in vain to open the door I found myself with a dilemma.  Everything I rely on to go about my daily life was locked inside; car and house keys, phone, telephone numbers, money, handbag, purse – I could see them all through the window, but I was effectively locked out of my life and needed help.

Looking back on the events, I discovered a metaphor between my dilemma and the service we provide at ubu. 

Often, when people ask us to provide their support, it’s rather like they’ve been looking through a window at the life they want to lead but just need help to access it. The wonderful teams of enablers at ubu are their keys that help unlock the potential of each person we serve. Helping them to gain the skills, access the specific tools and resources they need, to lead the life that is meaningful to them. In addition opening doors of opportunities they might never have otherwise considered.

Whether it’s gaining more independence to be able to; have a home to call one’s own, have confidence to take control over one's behaviour, learn new skills to undertake day-to-day tasks, engage in an occupation, use new technologies, or have the freedom to enjoy a social life - the types of support we provide have the sole purpose of serving each person in the way that works personally for and is meaningful to them - producing positive life-changing experiences for everyone involved. 

That afternoon, I used a friend's phone to call a ubu colleague which was the only local phone number I could remember off the top of my head – they called someone else who was able to collect my spare keys, and drive over to let me in.  No great drama, no wild adventure, just a simply swift solution to my rather amusing dilemma - happily delivered through the combined actions of a group of caring people.

Everything turned out fine – great teamwork - remarkably executed with no time wasted - The similarity with ubu is rather apt, don’t you think!

And yes, Chutzpah was happy to see me back in the house, he seemed to have forgotten his earlier discomforts … but I haven't forgotten he now knows how to lock me out!

This was the first time in my life I had been locked out and was surprised at how many people have been through this... Tell me, has this ever happened to you? Email me at

The little dog and the key

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