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The importance of keeping things safe

21st June 2012 |

One of the most important things to remember about your home is that keeping it safe and safety-proofed is the ultimate tool in creating a comfortable and safe environment. It is essential that your home, whether it be a room in a group house, an apartment or a family home, has simple improvements that will make it safer for everyone who lives there.

Every year, accidents in the home result in around 5,000 deaths and over 2.7 million turning up to A&E departments seeking treatment. These accidents can be easily avoided by simply sticking to health and safety checks throughout your home; Such as checking your smoke alarm batteries or not overloading electrical sockets could be the difference between a safe home and a serious accident.

In supported living houses, keeping things safe is of the upmost importance.  From making sure the house is secure to the personal safety of the tenants are just some of the checks which are vital in keeping everyone safe in their own home.

Knowing that you, your family and friends are safe in their home is important, especially when you or they are less able. Reassurance that everything in the home is safe and secure for someone in supported living is of prime importance.

Here is a case study of how this can be reassuring for vulnerable people:

"Mr C was ready to move into his own home at the age of 19. The family wanted added reassurance that he would receive assisted living, so they arranged for calls to be set up throughout the day to ensure Mr C carried out daily simple tasks such as getting up in the morning, locking the doors at night and taking the required medication. By pressing a button on the telephone keypad, his family always know that he is safe and has been able to respond to the call. 

This added safety net helped Mr C to feel comfortable knowing that it removed the 'what if' factor and also for the family to ensure that their loved one was safe in his new home. He is also getting up every morning, taking his medication as required and ensures his own safety by locking the doors every night, as requested by the calls."

This reassurance in your own safety and the safety of others you care about, can give that little bit more confidence and comfort in knowing that you and people living in supported living are in a safe environment.

The importance of keeping things safe

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