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The development of our services is always led by the needs of our customers

10th June 2011 |

I spend a lot of my working day talking to the people who commission our services and I'm not alone in that. There are a number of providers of social care and support all of whom are trying to persuade the purchaser that they can offer the best services. However, working for ubu I believe I have a distinct advantage. ubu can demonstrate stability and a proven track record since 1984. I can clearly show how we transform lives with the on-going development of our services, always led by the needs of the customer.

In these frugal days price is always high up on the agenda. We aim to deliver cost-effective, value for money models of support. It may be something as simple as working with an organisation to deliver nutritious meals to our people instead of support staff cooking, allowing them to spend time on more valuable and life-enhancing support. Purchasers know that when they work with ubu we will be open, honest and transparent. We value their feedback and take it very seriously. It's not all about the customer being right, it's about giving the customer what they want and need. By taking a partnership approach to business we can build solid, long-lasting relationships.

ubu delivers positive outcomes there is no doubt about that. Every single day I see first-hand and hear from the team heart-warming stories of people we support achieving things that they never believed possible and that’s the best possible testament for ubu and its ethos.

The development of our services is always led by the needs of our customers

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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