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The Chat 2 change influence!

12th March 2012 |

The February Chat 2 changes truly have influenced my perspective on "what is important for ubu".

You see I was overwhelmed by the spirit, enthusiasm and drive shown by everyone at each of these unique events. Without exception there was such a warm feeling and sense of belonging, fun, support and most of all an overwhelming sense of trust projected by everyone.

A real phenomena, the atmospheres and attitudes were so different to previous events and a direct contrast to the constant drone of general doom and gloom, blame and shame especially regarding our economy today. Yes, it is hard to believe but right across each of our regions there was a united sense of fun, passion and determination, but most of all a tremendous sense of trust and mutual respect for each other.

In society today there appears to be a constant need to blame, we seem to have generally lost our trust in each other and not least our politicians. (we don't want to get in to politics except to remind ourselves that we are responsible for electing those in power and they are the same people we are now blaming!)
Our general breakdown in "Trust" began well before the current economic crisis and is highlighted in research led by Professor Veronica Hope-Hailey at Cass Business School, City University in London. However it remains one of the key elements needed to create a successful, strong and innovative working environment in business today. Most important is to "Trust in each other".

This is a feature of what is known as the "five types of trust relationships" critical for groups and organisations to achieve today being:
A. Trust in each other: formed through good and supporting "circles of trust". Uniting and maintaining our optimistic expectations and sustaining helpful relations with all of our stakeholders.
B. Trust in those that lead our leaders: Placing the main emphasis on trusting organisational leaders and their senior managers, with a tendency towards "heroic" or "visionary" leaders.
C. Trust in the organisation: and in the purpose of the organisation itself, trust in those who are managers and trust the relationship with managers.
D. Trust in the external relations: the central trust relationship with customers ubu's attitude towards " Trust in each other " was so obvious in each person attending. Everyone was extremely excited by the clear and collective recognition that everyone has the responsibility and recognition for creating and maintaining a successful future for ubu and our customers, along with bringing new members “On Board” joining such a wonderfully strong and much respected ubu employee membership.

The Chat 2 change influence!

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