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See Past the Disability

8th July 2013 |

The 2013 winner of 'The Voice' is a young lady with a visual impairment. This is a fantastic achievement for anyone so I was shocked that her disability was used by her coach on the programme to promote her.

This young lady obviously has talent, as do many other people who enter this competition and other programmes of a similar origin. But I think it is scandalous that we promote people’s disability over their talent. When this happens it takes away the person’s real identity and labels them, taking away any credibility for their real abilities.

As a society we tend to do this; why can’t we just praise someone for the gifts they possess and in most cases for the hard work they put in?

We need to realise that just because someone has a disability and they achieve or have a talent does not make them out of the ordinary – they are talented people.

Let’s treat people with a disability with the respect they deserve and give them the credit for their hard work/the talent they are born with, and not patronise them because of their disability.


See Past the Disability

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