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Sectioning patients is not the way to go

24th June 2014 |

The news recently has been full of reports about Sectioning vulnerable adults, this really should be a last resort, but increasingly doctors are doing so, in a desperate bid to get the right care for their patients.

As social care budgets are slashed, medics are finding they cannot treat patients as they would like, so are sectioning them or sending them long distances from their home to receive their care, this is so counterproductive.  Not only is sectioning a person inappropriate but it is also costly and can be damaging to their health in the long term alongside psychiatric care in the UK being at crisis point.

It is quite clear that more sensible solutions should and need to be explored that can place vulnerable adults at the heart of their very own care.  

ubu has been pioneering independence for decades now and has seen dramatic results for even the most extreme cases.   With our uStep model we have been able to improve the lives of people with complex needs and severe difficulties, who were living in high dependency units with multiple carers round the clock.  Over time we have reduced their support and helped them take up their rightful place in society, benefitting them and society, through the reduction of costs.

We know we are not a voice in the wilderness.  Only this week the disability charity Scope, announced the closure of 24 of its care homes, admitting the reason for doing so was to give the residents greater independence.

While some people have voiced concern that it is a frightening prospect for some residents, after years in a care home, it could also be seen as a great step forwards for these people. Going solo is a scary prospect for anyone whether you are going to big school, leaving home or moving into your own first place.  Ultimately they will look back and wonder what they were worried about.  Their new found freedom will enable them to make life choices, come and go as they please and live fuller lives in their communities.

It's a worrying time for all of us; patients, the medical profession and society if the method of sectioning adults continues to be used as a way of getting treatment for patients.  We all have a responsibility to look for other options. 

The Care Minister, Norman Lamb has to encourage more providers to follow our lead as we continue to work with vulnerable adults and choose the road to independence. It has benefitted our consumers lives greatly and can benefit society too.

Sectioning patients is not the way to go

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