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Reasons for the Season

12th December 2012 |

At work, home or in our social life the wonder of the Christmas season reminds us of the beauty in life that we all take for granted, why we value our:

• Family and Friends with whom we have special relationships and share our lives

• Food we love to cook and eat together 

• Feelings of Fondness with our favourite people 

• Flexibility, which ensures we adapt to the world we live in

But it makes me wonder how many of us actually take the time to reflect, remember, or even know the true meaning of Christmas? Do we understand the faith (irrespective of the religion we may personally follow) that forms the foundation of our nation’s laws, standards, trust, beliefs, values and citizenship?

I am not advocating that Christmas should solely be a religious holiday. I’m merely stating that given the modern day tendencies of placing the importance of Christmas on the buying and receiving of expensive gifts, it seems too easy to let the real reason of the season be forgotten. 

For more and more people sadly it doesn’t seem enough for family and friends just to come together to celebrate a shared purpose of closeness, identity and friendship. 

For them the lavish gifts capture feelings and “love” is symbolised through a winter tradition of exchanging gifts.

In contrast it is extraordinary that the majority of people who don’t see themselves following the Christian faith, still celebrate the Christmas holidays, not recognising the birth of Jesus, but as a time of celebration when families get together loving and enjoying each other’s company.

In our work the Christmas season helps us focus our thoughts on those who have made and continue to make ubu such a caring and valuable provider. 

Reminding us of the tremendous goodwill that so many ubu colleagues constantly show throughout the whole year.   

We celebrate at Christmas a real “spirit of good will to all mankind”  as seen in the kindness, commitment and loyalty that exists everyday within ubu.

There is not a more fitting time to say an enormous “Thank You” to all our:

• Customers, their families and friends – whose steadfast loyalty  helps us to continually grow ubu in such a way. It means so much to so many people’s lives. 

• Colleagues and Commissioners – whose loyalty, commitment, creativity and resilience strongly gives us all the reassurance to strive to continuously improve what we do. 

We believe the reason for this season is about:

• Enjoying the time we have together, filling it with the warmth of family, friends & fun.  

• Helping people feel a sense of belonging especially where they have neither family nor friends, making them feel loved, wanted and appreciated. 

• Belonging and feeling wanted. Making sure that no one is ever forgotten nor feels alone.

• The things we do once a year at Christmas whilst remembering it is the Christmas season that celebrates what we do all the year round.

So it’s not just about gifts, although they are nice, but making a personal sacrifice and commitment to others: 

• Showing love and respect to everyone

• Not letting other people down

• Valuing our family, being with those that we love

• Believing in equality and celebrating diversity

• Sharing with others

• Remembering those who can’t be at home and praying that soon they will safely return

• Helping each other  - giving to those who have less than   ourselves

During December throughout the ubu services footprint our teams distributed donations to 18 charities to help support their causes. 

So please as we each hustle around, let us all take a moment to remember the real loving reason for the Christmas season.  

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year 2013.

Reasons for the Season

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