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One Step at a time

9th May 2013 |

The demand for our new uStep model has been so awe-inspiring…it is fantastic.

So many people have been astounded at the positive change it has created in the uStep service users. Yes actually changed – it’s terrific. People who so many thought had reached their potential have shocked even their nearest and dearest - not only the people we serve but also the people we employ.

Taking that one step as we do in the uStep model keeps everyone focused – everyone working together towards the same outcome – everyone in tune with those we are all serving.

I think what has hit me the most has been how much more engaged our teams of support staff have been using this approach. People who were once refusing to go on the residential inductions have fought to get on one as soon as possible. One person in particular said they were surprised they had turned the first residential opportunity down in such an offhand way, saying that after they saw the difference in the uStep approach they now want to learn everything ubu can teach them.

Well no-one can ask for more. Taking one step at a time can change someone from being a grumpy disconnected person to a highly motivated, engrossed and passionate employee; amazing and absolutely inspirational.

And let’s face it where did their motivation come from?! Seeing how those we serve trust, embrace and participate in the uStep approach. Indeed this is true servant leadership.

One Step at a time

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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