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One Step

28th March 2013 |

It may sound simple but taking "One Step" at a time is never as easy as everyone says unless you are focused; know where you are going and know the steps to take and how to get there.

The secret to taking "One Step" at a time successfully and simply depends on the things we do every single day; the things that don't look dramatic or look like they really matter. "The little daily decisions not only make a difference - they make all the difference".

Taking "One Step" at a time is about a making every step intentional and always purposeful, having a plan regarding everything we need to do.

It's about ensuring that the people we serve take the first step that engages them in wanting to be a part of what is going on, helping them feel accepted and being in control of their choices.

Making sure that the environmental conditions are motivating -incentivising a personal sense of health and well being as well as a feeling of warmth belonging and acceptance.

We must be prepared and have a pathway; a plan that shows us the milestones we need to achieve to ensure we make a significant difference to each individual we support. It's about every one of us not only being prepared but also having the right commitment to give the appropriate assistance, encouragement as well as making the right decisions day in and day out when supporting others.

Furthermore it's also about engaging the right attitude at all times, knowing that everything we do must result in and be beneficial to those we support not just today but always.

"One Step" at a time is about all of us being consistent. We must all be committed in taking planned intentional steps forward and not just drift along. We cannot teach people to live reactive lives, but instead to live with determination, through thorough preparation, and with realistic expectations. That simply reflects the culture, purpose and uniqueness of our uStep philosophy.

Whilst we know that so much of what we do is habit we must make sure that we each adopt planned encouraging habits with constructive intentions taking one step at a time to make an enormous difference in people's lives. Beginning with the daily habits and helping people make small choices, building up to achieving transformational changes in each person's life, aiding them to reach their full potential.

It is therefore logical that we have identified the new 24 hour management support service the "One Step Team' - We expect them to work with everyone as one team taking one step at a time - everybody's.

One Step

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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