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Just one Simple Step to prevent anxiety

20th April 2013 |

My colleagues and I have recently been looking to find solutions to issues that cause unnecessary pressures on vulnerable people. We have tried to identify simple positive steps we could take that would be proactive preventing people being put in a position of failure or added pressure.

One such solution we found came as a result of discussions taking place about reform in the benefits system and the new assessments of personal independence, which aren extremely intimidating to those who have started their journey towards greater independence.

For many vulnerable people, who have taken the step towards greater independence, and gained confidence by engaging in a daily routine that includes therapeutic employment, they are now seriously worried that they may be penalised. Neither the universal credits nor the personal Independence pension are aimed at those who are on a genuine therapeutic employment program.

To help everyone be clear we are developing a document, which clearly identifies the type of therapeutic employment a person has engaged in, the reasons why, along with the benefits, they are gaining. This document will be personalised for each person identifying the benefits they are on so they can take this with them when they are individually assessed in the future.

Our aim in producing this document is to relieve as much as possible the unnecessary anxiety, which the introduction of these new Government systems have imposed on those ubu serves. The release of this new document will be published and ready to use within the next two months. We trust that by developing this it will go some way in alleviating the fear people have of losing their benefits.

Just one Simple Step to prevent anxiety

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