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Improving our Foundation

15th May 2013 |

When we as a lead team, were asked to re-look at how we could improve the way we operate, my colleagues and I thought this would be a short lived exercise. I mean we were doing pretty well, especially with all the continuous national difficulties being thrown at us from the Government changes. So we asked “why break what's working?”

It was quite a surprise actually, the more we looked, the more we asked questions, the more we found we could improve. It was amazing that we found so many things we could develop, with very little effort.

The best thing we discovered was that everything that we wanted to do was possible, as we do have the tools, the “know how” and the inspiration. 

We became so excited about the whole journey, that the trouble was where to start? With very little debate we all agreed it has to start with everyone within ubu being involved, as everyone has a part to play and let’s face it there is no point in focusing on great new developments if we don't have a fully engaged workforce. 

So we took the gigantic step of restructuring how ubu operates. We all know this will take some time and we don't expect to ‘be there’ until at least October. However we have found that each stage we are going through is enlightening and exciting for everyone, resulting in massively improved engagement with the prospect of our new structure.

This journey has constantly reminded me of the leadership saying a certain well known person repeats often………."It is better to travel hopefully than to arrive!"

Improving our Foundation

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