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Human Robots

31st July 2015 |

Imagine if we had Human Robots...

Yes I love robots and I love humans as well...

I'm sure you are the same. Think about it, is it the change you don't like? Or is it you need inspiring..... If we are realistic we must all love change. Let's see..

Do you have any of the following: TV, a washing machine, a lap top, a mobile phone, a Hoover, a car, central heating I could go on but have you got the idea. We wouldn't have all these things if we didn't like change as each of the items brought a new way of doing things in to our lives, they changed how we did things. We stopped doing what we used to do and started doing things a new way. We embraced the change because we loved what it brought … more than what we had.

Therefore if Robots could bring with them more than what we already have, then I am sure everyone would love robots. This doesn't mean that we don't want nor love humans, it means there could be something robots bring that we don't have. That is what we need to focus on, what is it we need that could centre our energy and interests on generating the innovation that is so much needed in our health and social care world today.

Most ideas are out there if we look for them. The trouble must be there isn't the motivation nor inspiration for change maybe because until people see what such change looks like they can't have believe in it. Well maybe that's what our public Health and social care services need a bit of faith. A strong belief that changes the way we do things trusting this will bring us a brighter future. Faith in the the fact we need to change how we do things today. No not tinker at the edges but really change how we think, how we perceive, what we do, how we do things and change radically what we expect from our health and social care services.

Let me challenge you right now. Imagine if you couldn't walk and had to sit in a wheelchair all your life.  I am convinced you would want our public health and social care services to purchase robots as in this video so you could feel and live as a complete human being.


Human Robots

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