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Health and Social Care Reforms are vital!

27th July 2012 |

Health and Social Care Reforms are vital! A new Government white paper on the latest reforms has just been published!

At ubu we welcome the publication of the white paper on Social Care reform. Today’s announcements are a positive step, particularly the plans to give people greater control over their own care and support, workforce development and training, delivering high-quality care, promoting wellbeing and independence. However, without information on exactly how the reforms are to be implemented we are no closer to real change for the sector.

We were promised this paper would bring so much in terms of social care reform but it appears to be a sign of the times that the process also has built in "reform delays". These agreements in principle to reform in the paper clash with a lack of detail on what the reforms exactly are!

This is very worrying, a massive concern the paper brings is the introduction of caps on an individual’s lifetime care costs. However, we may not know the detail on how this will affect us until as late as the next government spending review, due in late 2013 or even 2014. Yes, all this on top of the existing funding pressures that are being put on us all right now, it’s almost too frustrating to think clearly about the long term!

Are we going backwards in time?. Back to when long stay hospitals first opened their gates and let people with complex needs live in the community on nothing more than basic benefits to support them! Those days are often called the "bed and Breakfast" days (because people only got enough support to put them up in a cheap Bed and Breakfast and during the day they were left to be supported by their families or to roam the streets until the accommodation opened again in the evening). This was a time where care, support, policies and detail were left to drift in time to see how everyone coped simply limping from one day to the next with no clear leadership, framework or guidance.

Whilst today we hear so many cry's from individuals who are suffocating and frustrated by the increased public service statutory control and restraint over them we can’t let our support for people go backwards. We must work together with individuals and their families to ensure that there are meaningful, progressive and sustainable supports that are both efficient and respectful in helping to move their lives forwards with real choice and greater independence.

This is exactly the kind of investment we need to help the Government to see is worth making and which will also make cost savings in the longer-term.

... This is a real threat to our country right now!!... They’re not even enough financial resources to go around and the resources that are available are being soaked up to provide statutory public services which are built on a cost framework that is still rising.

Understanding the need to reshape our public services means we must embrace the need to bring about transformation in the way we operate, immediately. As one team we must demonstrate that we understand the need and the benefits to bring on board our U-Step approach right across all our supports. We will do this by

- only employing those who are truly committed to making progress happen

- making sure we develop our own skills

- bringing about a shift in everyone’s mindset which makes for a better and freer way of living, A way that is meaningful to us individually ensuring we accomplish our vision with fairness and even handedness that simply cuts across all sectors.

We need everyone’s help Now within ubu to bring about a meaningful reform by showing the achievements that are possible. Simply demonstrating the increased knowledge, understanding and experience of our UStep approach which is helping to achieve significant and enlightening outcomes for so many people every day.

Health and Social Care Reforms are vital!

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