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Gain the motivation to change . . .

23rd October 2012 |

This year has seen significant changes within ubu supported by technology:
So far our online processes have reduced costs moving away from paper.

• Employee Onboarding:   

-  Applications online, references online and resignation phone call.

• Employment Welfare, Policies and Training documents are now emailed or accessible online.

• Training is now online:   

- Introducing our eknowlegde site.

• Online payslips, new employment welfare and payroll database.

Next, from the beginning of 2013, a brand new online professional One Step team will be helping everyone through the coming changes:

• Enabling work tools and information to be safely accessed on your own personal mobile phone when at work;

• Employee rotas, registering on and off duty from personal mobile phone;

• Our IT moving to the cloud;

• New online processes:   

- Health and Safety; 

- Recruitment; 

- Learning and Growing; 

- How Is It For You?   

- Compliments and Complaints.

Don’t miss the changes!

It's not going away

It is well known that ...“change can be an unpredictable experience, because processes and people evolve in diverse ways as they undergo change. No two individuals will respond in exactly the same way to workplace changes. Identical changes implemented in multiple areas of an organisation can produce distinctly different outcomes.” carnigic change management

So you might ask if it is as hard as that, why change? Well, you know that not only are there major global austerity issues, and no one knows how these will be resolved, which are forcing countries to face up to the fact we cannot do the same as we did yesterday. 

“The times they are a changing”, and changing fast. For some this will be hard to comprehend, let alone take the change on board. 

This was brought home to ubu during the recent auto enrolment data base preparation process. The exercise revealed that there were a few people who didn’t understand that the changes we have and will continue to bring in have been thoroughly planned and have either been imposed on ubu by the Goverment, or ubu has consulted with everyone through the ubu enablement partnership forum with a full explanation of why ubu has to bring change about to accommodate the environment, political, consumer, sociological,  technical pressures we have to embrace.

Our change analysis process always looks at the risks and opportunities associated with the proposed change we look at what are the:   

• Gains?     

• Costs?   

• Risks?   

• Risks of not making the change?

Out of this we are able to determine why, what, when and how we make change within ubu.

Gain the motivation to change . . .

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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