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Funding changes can be a step forward

13th August 2014 |

CHANGES to the funding of social care that come into operation next year are causing some local authorities to worry about how they will cope financially. From 2016 individuals will have their care capped at £72,000 after which threshold the local authority will pick up the bill.

However, from next year local authorities will have to start assessing the estimated 400,000 plus people who already pay for their own care to see if they are eligible for public help.

Because of the new regulations only those with the most severe needs will qualify and these will commonly be vulnerable adults with the most complex needs.

Although it appears to be a cut to public funding, the reality is that it is an opportunity for local authorities to start tackling in a very real and financially astute way, the care that vulnerable adults receive.

Many vulnerable adults are isolated in long term hospital care at the expense of the NHS because local authorities don’t want the cost of caring for them. Meanwhile, Care Minister, Norman Lamb, has said that he wants all long term patients out of hospitals and living at the heart of their communities where they can assume greater independence and actually live their lives.

His target of June was missed and there is a now a steering group being set up to investigate alternatives to long term hospital care.  We hope to be able to contribute.  The point many seem to be missing is that uStep as an alternative to long term hospital care is the answer.

uStep helps vulnerable adults achieve greater independence by putting them firmly at the heart of their local community where they can develop and integrate.
ubu has taken the most complex individuals, who many others refused to accept and demonstrated uStep can help them improve their way of life and reduce their dependency on society.  By doing this they effectively become less of a drain on society.

The changes to care provision are an opportunity for local authorities to take a deep breathe, acknowledge they may have to invest upfront in some individuals but by doing so, will deliver some real life improvements and at the same time start reducing their care bill.

It is a win win with the individual who enjoys a much better quality of life and society enjoying the economic dividend.

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Funding changes can be a step forward

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