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Focused members drive the heart of ubu

16th December 2013 |

The power and purpose of any organization is “what drives and unites it” to be as it is. Our recent operational restructure exposed clearly what seriously drives and is the heart of ubu.

The power and purpose of any organization is "what drives and unites it" to be as it is. Our recent operational restructure exposed clearly what seriously drives and is the heart of ubu.

It started over a year ago with ubu adopting an approach actively involving every member of the workforce in shaping the final outcome. 

Firstly every employee had to apply for 3 roles within ubu they felt they were both qualified for and equally wanted to do. This in itself was greatly enlightening. 

Next every person's application  was appraised by employees being invited to a role group interview assessment day  in which they had to give a presentation to the group, undertake  a number of exercises and a unique personal interview. 

From the interviews each employee had an action plan in which they had to:

  • Attend and pass the "Near enough is not Good enough" realignment residential induction and identifying the 50 key learning points they gained during the process. From there;
  • Gain the evidence and accreditation of the role they were assigned (senior operational Managers by 12th December, Other Managers by the end of the year and all other members by February 2014).
  • The role of enabler would be phased out by February 2014 as enabler members gain their accreditation and moved into the role of Enabler Plus.

Throughout the process, communication focused on being transparent so everyone could understand the views, feelings, reasons, explanations and decisions at each stage.

  • a new communication e-system was set up called "Just Ask"
  • every individual committed to writing and to video blogs expressing their views and thoughts along the way
  • Participation was videoed embracing the excellent contributions members made.

There have been no redundancies throughout this process as the purpose of the realignment was not to reduce staff levels but instead make them much more effective, aligned to ubu's values and principles and totally customer centric.

It is fair to say that through the process the lack of discipline and respect for others and the job did come out from some people resulting in 14  people being disciplined for their behaviour and performance and 12 people were asked to leave the organisation due to being considered unsuitable for a number of reasons. We have also had over 25 other people leave throughout the organisation as they felt they could not buy into the discipline, new open team approach and the new ubu developments. Change is difficult for us all so for this we make no apologies as ubu is committed to ensure that its members are suitable and dedicated to the work they do, the consumers they serve as well as making the changes as required.

On the other hand this week alone we have had 4 people, ( 1x Harrogate, 1x Spalding, 1 x Manchester & 1x Middelsbrough) who had previously left ubu, return to us passing all the new criteria, as they missed the way the organization embraced and resolved challenges in real time, making things really happen!

To date the first stage management competency deadline has been reached with an outstanding 100% achievement to level 3. A new world of role modelling and coaching has just emerged, well done everyone, this is seriously an amazing achievement and one not easily attained. 

So what have we learnt about the heart of ubu? Well we are clear that it is the unity of the whole workforce that makes the organisation sing out loud its values and beliefs. We have also seen that clearly those members can only truly bring value to our consumers if they are;  

  • Dedicated to the vision and ubu
  • Open and Honest at all times even when no one is looking
  • Enthusiastic to achieving the compelling purpose of what we do
  • Believing in "team ubu" pulling together consistently in the same direction
  • Trusting in the value of their colleagues
  • Passionate about achieving life changing outcomes for individuals
  • Using sound common sense at all times
  • Committed to both the consumer and to ubu even when no one is looking
  • Driven by "Near enough is not good enough" principles of working

What a great basis to start a new year and a new structure on. A structure that is committed to the sound principle of Standing Strong Together at all times, knowing that "Near enough is not good enough" in ubu with servant leadership embracing customer centricity at all times. 

Wishing you your family and friends a very Happy Christmas and a Happy 2014

Focused members drive the heart of ubu

 I decide what matters to me. ubu help and teach me to make my future happen 

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