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Every Care Worker Must be Trained

22nd March 2013 |

ubu fully endorses that every worker must be trained to do their role but also firmly believes that they have to use that training in their everyday work to be deemed competent.

According to official figures, there are 1.1 million people in England who receive care in their own homes, such as help with dressing or preparing food. Another 460,000 are residents living in Britain’s 18,000 nursing and care homes. Regulatory requirements state clearly that every member of staff must be suitably trained during their inducting period in to their role. Last year one in four agencies providing home-help services failed to meet minimum legal requirements for safety and quality.

At ubu we ensure that everyone has an up to date competency profile demonstrating that not only have they been trained and obtained the knowledge regarding their role, but they also have the evidence to show they are capable of delivering that knowledge in to practice. This perhaps is the most valuable aspect of learning and growing demonstrating that someone actually uses their newfound knowledge.

However there is clear evidence that there are many local authorities and social care providers still failing in their duty of care to those most vulnerable adults amongst us.

Local Governments and Health Authorities dramatically diminishing budgets have swayed many providers, as well as themselves, to cut out the need to train people as well as ensure they are competent to the cost of vulnerable people’s personal welfare. It is tragic that such employers fail to care enough to take up their moral as well as regulatory obligations. However this needs to be seen against an economy where many commissioners have imposed reducing and even cutting out the learning and growing elements out of personal staffing budgets.

Whilst health minister Norman Lamb gave warnings to such providers last week, it should be taken on board that commissioning funds must be made available to fairly provide for the learning and growing of employees. At present many local authorities retain central training funding allocations to accommodate their own employees and outmoded in-house trainers, thereby failing to pass it on to providers in other sectors. So there is a need for Government official’s honesty and transparency before off loading the blame for poor care on to providers.

Training has to embrace not only the tangible and visual skills but also the essential interpersonal and behavioral skills needed by every care worker and manager. This requires a non-traditional approach and needs to ensure the worker fully understands the consequences of their own actions and behaviors whilst learning how to change this. We believe that such training has to motivate, enthuse and impassion each person so they will never forget it. To this extent it requires non-conventional methods and at ubu we ensure that every worker goes through an intense residential course which incorporates horse whispering amongst other methods. The manager’s new foundation course includes both the theory and practice of working with packs e.g. dogs and how to manage them.

At ubu once someone has reached the competency level required we don’t assume they remain competent. Instead our system now requires them to demonstrate they have used their acquired skills in their everyday work. This is reassessed on an annual basis.



Every Care Worker Must be Trained

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