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Chat with Mother

29th January 2012 |

My mother went up to bed a few moments ago, her parting words to me were: "I can't believe anyone would ever choose to work for you dear".
"I agree they don't....they work for ubu" I said.
She said: "You know what I mean dear".
"No", I said
"Well dear, you are very demanding. I hope you don't mind me saying!"
Although I did mind, I said, " Of course I don't, everyone tells me that several times a day!"
I thought about it for a second and then asked her, "When you go into hospital what kind of care and treatment would you like?" and gave her the following options:

  1. Very gentle, doing everything she said, the way she wants it etc and told her about someone’s dreadful experience in the last days of their mothers life
  2. Care and support that left her to it, or
  3. Someone on her case all the time, not letting a moment pass her by without focusing on her having a good time, laughing and getting better?

"Well dear" she said, "I don't have to think about that, it’s the last one, it sounds just like you of course!"
She turned to walk through the door, stopped and turned back and said "But, that's got nothing to do with it dear, I still don't know why anyone would want or work for you!"
I said, "They don't, they work for ubu!"
She smiled her cheeky smile and went upstairs, then shouted down: "But of course, I can't see why they would want to work for anyone else except ubu."
At this point I felt overwhelmed with a sense of love, pride and warmth that only ones mother could make her daughter feel like they were in the movies.  Very emotional inside, I went upstairs and tucked her in kissing her good night.

As I did she said: "You see dear, you need to realise you are so lucky working for ubu and having so many wonderful people to work with. It’s all those people who make such a difference in life, you must make sure all those good ones are looked after dear".

"Yes I am" I replied and thought how often have I reminded colleagues to listen and hear what parents say, so I rest my case and give up now!
My mother has taken over this space, I trust you have all listened to my mother!
What chats you have with your mother and are they like mine? I would love to hear from you.

Chat with Mother

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