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Bringing Change In

15th February 2013 |

As you know ubu is about encouraging everyone to make the best of themselves and their lives. This is as relevant to our team members as our customers.

Enforced economic and political circumstances will directly impact on the way we deliver our unique model of service. We see this as an opportunity for everyone to develop their own skill set and work smarter as ubu looks to safeguard its ability to deliver affordable and sustainable services to those who rely on us the most; that includes our team members.

Inevitably it means change as we consolidate our operations to accommodate the rapid shifts in the economic and political climate.

Whilst ubu is an innovator for many similar organisations, such changes could be perceived as negative. That's understandable as we operate in a highly emotive industry where fear and worry have a negative impact on teams and the people they enable.

Central to the changes we are implementing is that we maintain the standard of service to all our customers while developing our people to the best of their ability so they can enhance their offering. It's all about working smarter and grasping the opportunities that will be on offer to all our team members.

Communication is going to be a key tool to help everyone understand what is happening and the role they can play in the changes. No one should worry that they will be excluded.

Team members will be made aware at all times of what we want to achieve and contribute to the debate about how we get there. There could be times when it feels we are moving very quickly, but ubu plans to make sure everyone is kept fully informed at all times so that they understand they are an integral part of managing the organisational changes.

Our aim is to improve performance and increase all colleagues' cooperation and customer service regardless of the changes ubu faces.

We want the transition within ubu to be as acceptable as possible for colleagues so that any increase in work pressures is mitigated by the additional benefits they see in customer services levels, and personal benefits as their skill set improves and they achieve greater job satisfaction.

Everyone has the opportunity to embrace the enforced changes we face and make the most of them. ubu will always communicate with team members and similarly they must feedback to us their hopes and fears so that we can honestly discuss them. There is no intention to make anyone redundant.

Our Bold Goal is to grow our services and that means more and better trained people, but in our journey to achieving that we will all have to change the way we work.

We want to ensure that:

  • ubu has a workforce that is totally committed, fit for purpose with the documented and observational evidence to substantiate this.
  • Team members are competent, mobile, flexible, positive and committed to ubu as an organisation.
  • We have sound consumer and commissioning relationships; Comprehensive aptitude, drive and determination to support and achieve consumers’ personal ambitions within the timeframes and resources available.

Following the Partnership consultation meeting on the 22nd February all team members will be sent an electronic hand booklet with full details of the:

  • Forthcoming process,
  • Key mile stones,
  • Deadlines sample documentation
  • List of events guidance through the process.

We trust this helps you take control of the process and aids you to take full advantage of this change process.

Thanks you to everyone for the tremendous support in bringing in change to ubu.



Bringing Change In

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