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Being Accessible At All Times

1st January 2013 |

You will know the big subject on all our agendas is making communication simple and accessible to everyone at all times.

Well before we can actually communicate at work we need ensure we are able to gain: Access to information – Access to sending messages – Access to receiving messages and information at all times. Following all the work and consultation throughout 2011 and 2012, our communication strategy for 2013 will be focused totally on ensuring we have a workforce that has access to communication at all times.

In our ever changing world of legislation with never ending restrictions being placed on us and further demands put on us to “deliver more for less”, we need to keep moving and evolving to not only embrace these changes but survive them. We need to continue to deliver high quality services; sound management and leadership; real outcomes for those we are here to serve; more when there are even less resources available and innovative solutions. We have to embrace the environmental, political, consumer, sociological and technical pressures. This is the reality of health and social care today.

We want to take a huge step forward and make our communications simpler, which will in turn make us easier to do business with. Throughout 2013 the approaches we have been working on for the past two to three years will be released and will coincide with different ways of working. For example every employee will have a secure internal e-mail address - commissioners, consumers and their families will be able to e mail to respective managers directly and safely, knowing information and data is protected. All support employees will be operating through a “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) scheme, making it possible for every employee to access all their employment information direct from their own mobile device; this practice has either already been adopted by, or is being introduced through many commissioning councils. Employees will also have direct access to their own rota which will be governed by a mobile logging in and out system on their own personal mobile devices. Consumers and their families will have access to a roster outlining the details of who is providing their service. These are just a few initiatives launching throughout the forthcoming year.

Starting all of this off will be the new data system (Access) which provides the access to all information within ubu; a system that will liberate our record keeping, storage of information and reports from spring 2013.

Access will streamline information; assisting us in the collection and analysis of information by providing tools for new applicants, employees, customers and stakeholders. A new self-service function (uview) will provide you with real time information about your details, your development and will assist you with problem solving, through a secure and safe platform. This will lead to faster access to policies and procedures, viewing and booking future training courses will be simpler and you’ll receive reminders to renew your certificates.

With easy access to epayslips you will have the ability to update your personal details, view your full career history, check the annual leave you’ve booked and taken to date - this system really will, in time, give you the access you need, when you need it.

The benefits to you, our customers, our commissioners and to the organisation in this difficult time of austerity are:

  • Consolidation of existing high cost systems
  • Accuracy & security of information.
  • Efficient and effective communication in real time
  • Providing access to you to view & update your own information

This huge step forward is our commitment to the people we serve and to you.  The new ‘Access’ system ensures that we employ the right people who do the right things, in the right place, at the right time, so our customers have confidence in us. In time it will ensure you have access to everything at your fingertips with efficient and effective real time communication you will no longer have to wait to be kept up to date. This is the first of many new ways we are changing the way we operate, and at each step you will be given the opportunity to explore how you will benefit.

Just one health warning please do not expect any technology to work first time always be prepared for a lead in period 

Being Accessible At All Times

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