Acquired Brain Injury is a progressive potentially devastating disability that’s likely to get worse with age

People with Acquired Brain Injuries (ABI) maintain their intellectual abilities but have difficulty controlling, coordinating and communicating their thoughts and actions.

It can come about through stroke, neurological disorder, trauma or injury and is life changing and need dedicated help and support packages that recognise and treat the person’s unique set of problems. ubu’s specialist care teams have the expertise and knowledge to deal with this highly complex area that can manifest itself so very differently according to the person affected.

People we help may have undergone cognitive changes, experiencing memory problems and a lack of insight, which can alienate them from those around them. They may struggle to respond and concentration is a real issue. The syndrome becomes associated with an inability to socialise in the normal way, to solve problems or use any initiative. Behaviour starts to suffer as irritability and loss of temper set in and this in turn leads to a dependency on others around them. If left unaided individuals can become depressed and emotionally drained.

Sufferers may also experience the physical effects of ABI which reinforce the mental effects and can in some cases result in headaches, epilepsy and seizures.

ubu is one of few organisations in the UK that support ABI sufferers with guidance, enablement and help that keep them living as independently as possible secure in the knowledge that help is always at hand.